new_year_dogI’ve never enjoyed inspirational movies or clichéd motivational quotes, so it’s no surprise that I’m not fond of sentimental, sappy New Year’s thoughts and reflections.  They just seem so contrived.  So, I thought it would be fun to end the year with some poorly-written New Year’s reflections.  If you can make sense of the metaphors, then you’re one step ahead of me.


     New Year’s Eve always puts me in a reflective mood, like looking in the rearview mirror of a superfast race car coming around the last bend at Daytona, almost out of gas but puttering along like an old Volkswagen Beetle, just out of the shop but not quite fixed, but running, slowly, toward the finish line: midnight.  We like rabbits hop into the new year, hopping along like we’ve hopped so many years before, unaware if the new year will bring us anything truly new, or just more rabbit food.  But we wonder.

     Like a fireball hurdling toward an unsuspecting planet, the new year rings in with fury, and the old year goes out like a dying tree, dying in the forest of doubt, like a redwood tree on its last leg, that has fallen down, in the forest on the ground.  What will the new year bring?  Only the new year knows, but we can’t know, because we haven’t lived the new year yet, because it is new, and coming – fast, like a whirlwind, whirling around.  As the new year whirls, what do we think about?  We think about family and friends, some long gone and some not so long gone, but some not forgotten, those that we remember.  We reflect back our thoughts and project forward our feelings – feelings that we feel and the kinds of feelings we only feel when the new year comes.

     Like a sea turtle hatching out of an egg on the sandy beach of time, the new year breaks through and scurries down to the ocean, then to live the life of a sea turtle, frolicking in the ocean, and when it is ready to die comes back to the same sandy beach and lays an egg – the new year again, the circle of life.  The color of our dreams is the rainbow of life, and this is especially true when the new year comes, when we dream in color about the new year and all of its possibilities – a rainbow of possibilities about what might come, in the future.  What will come?  I don’t know, but the future does.  And we wonder.

     January gives way to February which gives way to March, and so the new year goes, getting older with each passing month, and getting closer to another new year, when everything will start again with another January, like the spokes of a spinning wheel, spinning the yarn of our lives.  What will that spinning wheel spin?  Something valuable, like a fine silk scarf, or just another cotton mitten?  The decisions we make in the new year will determine our future, but is it a future filled with grand possibilities, like a jelly-filled donut bursting at the seams, or is it hollow, like one of those same donuts, but somebody forgot to inject the jelly?  I hope we’re the first one, one and all, all filled up and ready to burst.

     I wish each and every one a happy and prosperous new year, like Powerball lottery winner, but before the inevitable bankruptcy.  Here’s hoping that we all get our engines running, find something to eat other than rabbit food, survive the fireball, avoid the falling redwood, take cover from the whirlwind, feed the sea turtle of time, dream in color, and spin the yarn of our lives into something so wonderful in the new year that we can’t wait for it to end, again, so that we can start all over.  I wonder.

     Happy New Year!!



  1. I found this essay to be heart-warming and such an inspiration that it will affect my life for years to come…especially when I eat a doughnut.

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