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background.2So I read today that a wonderful thing happened at a St. Petersburg, Florida Starbucks, where 457 consecutive customers paid for the drink order of the person behind them, thus creating a 10-hour “pay it forward” chain of good will and caffeine-filled creamy caramel macchiato happiness.  It’s a sappy, syrupy (literally), feel-good story if one ever existed.  Good for them.  That sort of thing has never happened to me, but were I to find myself in the middle of such a sudden outbreak of outrageous open-handedness, I would gladly accept the offer of generosity from stranger-in-front-of-me.  I mean, what kind of person turns down such a grand gesture?  The real question is, though, would I be willing to keep the ball rolling?  Would I dutifully fall in line to preserve the chain unbroken?

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