snow.GrantSouthern people are enthralled by snow.  Fascinated.  And, frankly, terrified.  Even though we have daily encounters with water in various benign states (hot water in our showers, solid water in our glasses, muddy water in our abundant streams and rivers), when fluffy frozen water begins falling from the sky, the reaction can be likened to the hysteria that would result from an alien invasion.

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A recent short trip to the Alabama coast for a work conference made me realize I should write an essay about the most beautiful – and my favorite – part of my home state. I have traveled around quite a bit in my lifetime, and truly I have found no more picturesque destination than the white sand beaches of the Alabama Gulf coast. Alabamians sometimes take the beaches for granted because they are so easily accessible, but we are very lucky to have them. They are a treasure. However, before I tell you all of the reasons why the Alabama coast is a wonderful place, I feel compelled to address an issue that has always bugged me, and that is the delicate matter of the Florida panhandle.

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Football season is here, and in the state of Alabama you don’t have to clarify this as meaning college football, because that much is understood.  There is no room for the NFL around these parts, especially in my town – Tuscaloosa – which is home to the University of Alabama Crimson Tide.  I will not attempt to explain the insanity-level fandom garnered by the Tide in this town, because the only way to truly understand this is to attend a game at Bryant-Denny Stadium.  Otherwise, just accept that the madness is deeper, stronger and more unwavering than you could ever imagine.

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