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Whenever I draft correspondence at work, whether in a formal letter, email, or memorandum, I always identify myself as “Grant H. Wilson, Assistant City Attorney.”  Identification of name and title is important in a professional environment, primarily as a courtesy to the recipient, who should have no question as to the author and purpose of the correspondence.  This signature identifies me as the author, and signifies that the correspondence has been written in my professional capacity as an attorney for the City of Tuscaloosa.  It is not a personal or otherwise informal correspondence; rather, it is correspondence made in the course of conducting City business.

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bible One who is serious about his Christianity knows that he must pray, because prayer is commanded.  Of course, we understand that the motivation for prayer must be deeper than a mere rote response to a simple command.  We pray because we are interested in praising God.  We pray for the people of God, and for God’s pardon and protection.  We pray that God’s will is done in our lives.  The root of these deeper motivations is a fundamental guiding principle that God established, and that Christians must follow: “In this manner, therefore, pray…” (Matt. 6:9).

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